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kichiku tamaaki 3.3m 0003


kichiku tamaaki 3.3m 0003

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kichiku tamaaki 3.3m 0003
kichiku tamaaki 3.3m 0003
kichiku tamaaki 3.3m 0003
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There is a lot of antique bamboo rods at antique fishing gear store.
Every single bamboo rod is an original, only one in the world.
Because you cannot find two of the same bamboos. That is why the Kichiku was created, I wanted rescue antique bamboo rods and give them another life to be fishing rod again.

Masami Sakakibara picks only a few rods which he wants to give another chance to be used by Tenkara fishermen.
He recreated grip part by hand, one by one.
These bamboo rods have original rod bag with original creator's signature.
This is tradition of part of Japanese craftmanship since Edo period.

I would like to recommend to use these fine art piece to whom never used bamboo rods.
Or I recommended to the fishermen who wants to feel the original Tenkara style with bamboo rod and Horse tail hair fishing line.
We can sell these rods for reasonable price compared to new bamboo rods, because one of Sakakibara’s hobby to rescue antique bamboo rods and make new grip for them and give them another life as fishing rods.
You may know already, but bamboo rods are handmade and each rod are natural, so you cannot change parts if you break tip of the rods.
And Bamboo might get crack if you store in dry place. You can continue to use after it get small crack. Please understand these conditions before you purchase these rods since these bamboo rods are made by natural material.
And please take these rods to your fishing trip for long time.
I adjust these rods close to Oni rods and write instruction for each rod.
You cannot find extremely long bamboo rods, because too heavy to cast.
I wrote instruction paper include length of the rod and dissembled size of the rod.

鬼竹 kitchiku tamaaki0003
Length 3.3m
Closed length 1m
Weight 115g
Segments 4
Handle length 31.5cm
Action 5:5
Made in Japan

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