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ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m


ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m

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ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
ITOSHIRO Bamboo grip 3.4m
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Light and versatile stream rod Oni Rod ITOSJIRO, overall length: 340 cm Designed in the same manner as TYPE 1, this rod is thin and its length is 3.4 meter long.
The rod does not lose the hallmark of the Oni Rod ? “straightness” and “functionality.”
Same as the Oni RodITOSHIRO body,
but the grip is replaced with a hand-made bamboo grip.
Hotei bamboo is used for the grip and it is varnished with lacquer for additional strength.
> Basic action for this rod is 7:3, but you can feel different action between 6:4 and 8:2 depends on the fish size you are catching.
> > Very unique and fun to fish with this rod.
> >
> > You can enjoy a lot with this only one in the world rod, your time and play with fish.
> > The little skinner grip shape on this rod is also designed by Mr. Sakakibara.
> > We need at least 4 weeks to delivery, because we will make your rod using a very special process.
about wood
 Deciduous hardwood from Canada and the Northeastern United States.
It can be from 30m to 40m.
The flag of the Canada is the design of this leaf.
And the grain will appear on the hump and bumps in the trunk of the tree.
The fluctuation of the grain and the delicate skin eyes produce the twinkle and the gloss, and the material which brings it a silky texture.
By the grain of wood, the rare part is called so specially.
It is used for musical instruments and fine furniture.
Hard maple with high rigidity, elasticity and durability.

Length 3.4m(133.8inch)
> Closed length 60.5cm(23.6inch)
> Weight 90~110g
> Segments 7
> Handle length 25cm 
> Handle Masami’s pick rare wood, hand made
> Action 7:3
> Matching tippets 0.4~1.2Gou
> Made in Japan

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