ONI hook size#8 100hooks per pack


ONI hook size#8  100hooks per pack

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ONI hook size#8  100hooks per pack
ONI hook size#8  100hooks per pack
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Ultimate sharpness and toughness

Proved in foreign countries as well as Japan

Thin and light as they are, these hooks pierce and cut very sharply.

Sublet hit can allow their lightness to pierce through momentarily..

The hook forms are versatile from traditional Tenkara to western flyfishing..

The hooks have been tested and proved in every fishing arena: Japanese main streams, head waters, and also big and small rivers in the US and Italy...

Resistance of hook piercing is designed to be minimized by making the hook thinner. If you use these hooks, you can easily and steadily net fish even with a light and supple rod like Oni Type I...

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