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ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m


ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m

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ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m
ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m
ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m
ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m
ZEROSUM Oni Honryu (Sakakibara Special)3.95m
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beefed-up but still flexible - the paramount Tenkara rod
It doesn’t chose large rivers or small streams. It handles big ones.

We were searching for a rod that prevents fatigue and increases castability.
The newly released ZEROSUM Oni Honryu exactly meets such requirements.
The biggest difference from other rods is its lightness, with which fishers do not get tired. .
Lightness and less fatigue mean the rod can be handled by any fisher..
The rod also features “great forwardness and straight shootability,” “no vibration and great repulsive force,” “great castability and restorative force.”..
Great castability means that the power which is remitted by casting can be delivered to the rod tip and goes smoothly off through the line.
This is a crucial part of fishing rods.
What is better, the rod can deal with any lines: level line, braided line, tapered PVC line etc.
The rod is especially recommendable to those who want to aim at big fish in the main stream.
High quality main stream-conscious Tenkara rod that can live up to the name “Oni’ has just brought forth here.
Without doubt, you can use nymps, beadheads, parachute patterns or everything as long as you target freshwater fish.
If you want to catch a 20lb carp, you should look for a different rod though. lol They are all made in Japan - even one single screw...
Overall Length 3.95m  
Closed length 64cm 
Weight 85g   
tip diameter 0.65mm   0.2559 inch
butt diameter 11.7mm    
number of joints 8  
Handle length 30cm(11.8inch) 
Handle  cork 
Action 7:3      
Matching tippets are (or 0.8gou to 1.5 gou in Japanese line size).
carbon content rate 96 
Made in Japan  

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