Basket of ikkanbari-windgod crafted by Taeko Suzuki


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ikkanbari is the craftwork which began in the Kanei era of Edo period.
In the old days, during the low season of farming, farmers pasted Japanese paper or cloth on old baskets,
reinforcing them with persimmon tannin instead of Japanese lacquer
Persimmon tannin is proofed with insects, corrosion, and water.
Doesn't using the same thing for long period with great care sound familiar?
It sounds like use of equipment of Tenkara.

Thanks to kindness of Ms. Taeko Suzuki, we are now able to sell her works.
Specialities of Ms.Suzuki

1 use of baskets weaved with bamboo
2 three-layers of Japanese paper
3 handles wrapped with cloth fabric for Oshima kimono which fit comfortably in your hands
4 use of persimmon tannin, which has strong odor (differs in finish)
and comes from Mie prefecture, applied more than three times and dried naturally to lose the odor

Only two can be crafted in a month. So they are crafted meticulously.
You might want to put your favorite Tenkara gears and small items in it.
Inside is Japanese paper pasted; the basket becomes sturdy and lighter.
This basket is also ideal for your wife's gift.


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