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keiryu tamo-20171013-004


keiryu tamo-20171013-004

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keiryu tamo-20171013-004
keiryu tamo-20171013-004
keiryu tamo-20171013-004
keiryu tamo-20171013-004
keiryu tamo-20171013-004
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Frame diameter: 27 cm (10.58 inch)
  Net bag hole size: 2mm ( 0.0787 inch) 
  Wood: kaya Japanese nutmeg-yew
full length:53.5cm(21.116 inch)
  Specialty: urethane spray. "Mankyu."created . fish-friendly net bag of plant dying 

Culmination of Japanese traditional craftsman skills!
One of a kind item due to natural materials used.
These old school Tenkara landing nets are very precious as natural woods in good condition are decreasing and there are fewer craftsmen left.

Having contacted expert frame builders, net knitters and others throughout Japan, we have come to produce our landing nets by working together...
The woods used are natural, and each landing net has a unique shape. It is difficult to do justice to the subtle difference in bending by just seeing pictures of them...
But if you still want one, you won’t regret owning such one-of-a-kind landing net....
Availability in the future is unknown for all the products as they are usually one-time productions.....
Net knitters and others throughout Japan.
this landing nets in Gujo area in Gifu prefecture, Japan.
Note: In some countries, netting fish with this kind of net bag is prohibited. Check your country’s fishing regulations in advance.

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